Thankful Thursday

After spending five hours in the library, writing a critical essay for my hardest english class, and still looking at a good six more hours, I somehow had the urge to write again! I walked home to take a break from the ice cold room on 5th floor Paterno, and I took my sweet time doing  it. It’s a beautiful sunny day and everyone is outside exercising, biking, playing volleyball — I love Penn State.

So on this leisurely walk home, I realized I was so thankful for 2 things.

1.  I saw this guy walking around with a “Free Hugs” sign taped to his shirt.  He actually looked like the most socially awkward person I had ever seen, but I thought, “Good for him! He’s really putting himself out there!” For about 1 second, I thought I might just take him up on that offer, considering I’ve been working like a crazy woman on this paper and I just need a hug. I took another glance at him, and decided it probably wasn’t the safest idea.  As I crossed the stop sign at Burrowes, I waited for a Jeep with two college guys in it to pass.  Looking haggard and sad, I was sure they were less than impressed with me.  But, to my surprise, the boy in the passenger seat simply smiled at me and waved his hand a little.  I smiled back, and thought about how nice that was of that random boy.  A smile goes a long way, especially when the recipient has been alone and mute for the last 5 hours in the library.  I was thankful for that friendly gesture. Oh yeah… and it was john krazinski, too. (i wish).

2. This is a little different, but still made me happy.  I kept walking past Burrowes and down the street toward Atherton.  On my way, I noticed the man passing me on the left.  He was so tightly strapped into his backpack that I though his abdomen was just going to explode.  Both straps at his chest and belly were tied as tightly as anyone could possibly imagine, and I wondered how heavy his backpack must be to need THAT much support. As he walked by, I glanced and noticed that there couldn’t have been more than one or two notebooks inside.  I am so thankful I saw this silly man. I hope he continues to look like a turtle forever.


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