This blog is dedicated to my good friend Kirsten.  She is not only the funniest person I’ve ever known, utilizing her biting wit whenever applicable, but she also finds the weirdest things throughout her daily life. Like, for example… this little gem:Bligee!It’s a site called and, God knows how she found it, but it is the silliest site ever.  On Kirsten’s amazing blog, Belly Shirts (, she posted a couple of hilariously blinged out pics, and I had to go through my archive of high school gems and pull out this sucker! First of all, what are we wearing? Secondly, look how much cooler we become with all that flashing crap over it! I love this site!!!

Thank you Kir, for your amazing find.

sonnyboy I just wanted to leave you all with this pensive dog (who looks uncannily like Sonnyboy) who is relaxing in a Snuggie watching tv.  OOOoo I love him!


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